Jet Airways: All Heathrow flights cancelled indefinitely as Indian airline tries to stave off closure

Jet Airways, the Indian carrier mired in debt, appears to have shut down completely. 

The airline claims on its website to be operating 48 domestic flights on both Sunday 14 and Monday 15 April. 

But the flight status shown for all these departures, and dozens more, indicates that they are all cancelled.

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The flight data service FlightRadar24 does not record any Jet Airways departures from the airline’s main base, Mumbai.

The vast majority of the airline’s fleet has been returned to the leasing companies that own the aircraft.

On Friday Jet Airways said it was cancelling all international services for the weekend, up to and including Monday 15 April. 

Passengers were invited to assume that the two daily flights from Heathrow to Mumbai, and once-a-day operation to Delhi, would resume on Tuesday.

Jet Airways is using social media to assure passengers hoping to fly that its services will be operating as normal. 

On Twitter, Sandeep Sharma asked the airline: “Can you tell me status of my flight to London on 26th April through 9W 118?”

Jet Airways responded: “The flight is operating as per the schedule.“

But The Independent has made a series of test bookings on both Jet Airways UK routes, from Delhi and Mumbai to Heathrow, all the way through to the end of the “reservation horizon” in March 2020.

None is shown as available. Instead, a message reads: “Sorry. There are no flights available that meet your request. please try an alternative date.”

On Friday a “slot swap” request was made to transfer Jet Airways’ permits to take off and land at Heathrow to Etihad Airways, its part owner.

The three daily slot pairs are now shown as being used for flights to and from Etihad’s Abu Dhabi base.

Last month, Jet Airways sold a daily pair of Heathrow slots intended for its third Mumbai service to the US carrier, Delta, which will use them for services to Detroit.

Jet also abandoned its short-lived link between Manchester and Mumbai.

The airline has suspended all bookings to Bangkok, Colombo, Kathmandu, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Jet Airways believed to have debts in excess of 80bn rupees (£885m). It is seeking 15bn rupees (£165m) in emergency funding to allow it to continue flying.

On Monday creditors led by the State Bank of India will discuss expressions of interest from private-equity investors, India’s National Investment and Infrastructure Fund and Etihad.

But with each day of total or near-total grounding, the prospects for resurrecting the airline look increasingly remote.

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